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24 Day Body Transformation Challenge

As I work with various types of clientele, from your "every day" man/woman to professional MMA fighters and top level athletes, everyone's goal/accomplishment has significant value.

Like how myself and my colleagues continue to work on getting better; I'd like to take a moment to spotlight one of my colleagues on their work to bettering themselves.

Brittany Dimitruk, a trainer at RWJ Hamilton Center for Health & Wellness, wanted to challenge herself both mentally and physically and make a better commitment to her own health and wellness.

As I have been working with Advocare products, I offered to sponsor her while she did the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

24 Days Later:

Total Inches Lost: -27

Weight Lost: -15 lbs

Jean Sizes Lost: -2

Bodyfat Lost: -7%

Brittany is staying committed (continuing the second phase of the 24 Day challenge), with more energy and drive than ever before! She has also set a personal record for herself of a barbell deadlift of 245!

Keep up the great work Brit!

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